Meet your customer's ever changing needs with dynamic knowledge.


WDS Knowledge as a Service underpins your customer care touch points with a centralized, dynamic and accurate pool of knowledge to effectively and consistently support your customers across their entire journey.



Knowledge that is constantly updated, reflecting your brand, tone of voice, and your customer's demands.


Customer centric

Answer the questions your customers are actually asking with our analytical approach to customer needs.



Knowledge personalized to the device and applications your customer is using with quality control and usage feedback.

Measure the success of your knowledge content with our expert analytics.

Our continuous analysis of your knowledge ensures customers get their question answered wherever they choose to engage.

In life

After finding that 43% of calls to a client’s contact center were escalated to Tier 2 support, our analysts identified that a single knowledge article had the potential to contain 1 in 5 of these calls at Tier 1.

In preparation for a device launch, our Knowledge as a Service is able to create support knowledge for the top 60% of anticipated issues. Our analytical processes will see this increase to 80% just 60 days after launch.

Delivering the same knowledge across all touch points

Agent Expert

Knowledge interface for contact centers and point of sale.

On-line Care

Knowledge interfaces for the web for customers to serve themselves.



Knowledge API for integration into websites, mobile apps and contact center tools.

Industry Briefing

Find out how you can innovate beyond your competition and serve more accurate resolutions first time, every time, on your customer’s channel of choice.