Spanning 30 mobile networks in four countries (UK, USA, Australia and South Africa).

WDS Mobile Loyalty Audit 2014

What’s creating loyalty, and what’s breaking it in today’s hyper-competitive market?
A study by WDS, A Xerox Company

Device Satisfaction

How do customers really feel about their mobile devices and are manufacturers building loyalty to their brands? Learn more in the Mobile Loyalty Audit 2014.

Apple 70%
BlackBerry 58%
HTC 57%
LG 55%
Motorola 69%
Nokia 53%
Samsung 64%
Sony 60%
Other 50%

Mobile Loyalty Audit 2014

Just how loyal are today’s mobile customers? The Mobile Loyalty Audit cuts through industry data, talking to over 4000 customers to understand how they really feel about their mobile operator and smartphone brand.

Did you know that satisfaction is no guarantee of retention? Or that customers who have to call for support more than twice are x6 more likely to churn?

Download a copy of the Mobile Loyalty Audit 2014 to learn more and to discover how WDS can guide you through the loyalty landscape.

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