WDS’ renowned whitepapers deliver analysis into some of the key trends shaping the customer service experience, providing valuable insight for the customer care community.

  • virtual-agent-webinar

    Machine Learning: Unlock your most effective customer experience yet

    When integrated with your contact center, a machine learning virtual agent can bring support data to life and establish a seamless customer experience.

  • NPS FeaturedIMG

    Net Promoter® Score: Finding the magic number

    Global survey reveals NPS® target for mobile operator success

  • Trends featuredIMG

    10 Trends in Customer Care 2015

    Innovations, developments and customer behavior identifying 10 key trends that will shape customer care over the coming 12 months.

  • 12DaysFeaturedIMG

    12 Days of Innovation

    As 2014 draws to an end, we’re taking a moment to consider twelve opportunities and challenges facing innovation in customer care.

  • Webinar FeaturedIMG

    Webinar: Customer Care 2.0

    Join WDS and discover why today’s self-care tools are failing. How companies can use their existing care assets to address the problem and how they can ensure their digital self-care channels are delivering relevant, discoverable and accurate customer care at the convenience of customers.

  • customer-care-transformation

    Customer Care Transformation

    How the care landscape is changing and how maturing technologies are being used to change the role of the traditional contact center.

  • 5-key-challenges

    Innovation phobia in the contact center

    Here are the top five barriers to innovation in the contact center and how WDS, A Xerox Company can overcome them

  • mobile-loyalty

    WDS Mobile Loyalty Audit 2014

    WDS Mobile Loyalty Audit aims to help mobile brands better understand how customer loyalty is won and lost.

  • webinar_featured_image

    Webinar – Cut your support costs

    Implemented correctly, web-based self-service could drive as much as 50% of a company’s call volume away from its contact center, with significant implications for operational cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction.

  • selling_smartphones_featured_image

    Selling Smartphones

    Nov 2013: What are your customers looking for in their next smartphone? How much research do they do before visiting a store, and do they really listen to recommendations?

  • asia_featured_image

    Asia’s next billion smartphones

    Oct 2013: Asia’s mobile markets may be diverse in nature but they all share one thing in common; they are all at a tipping point.

  • msft_nokia_feature_image

    Why does Microsoft want Nokia?

    Sep 2013: Windows Phone has long been key to Microsoft’s continued sustainability and relevance. Nothing reinforces that sentiment more than the acquisition of its largest smartphone hardware partner.

  • loyalty_feature_image

    Mobile Loyalty

    Jun 2013: While industry churn data offers a useful benchmark and indicator of customer retention, the numbers typically offer very little analysis into the reasons for customer defection; in particular what’s driving it and how can it be mitigated.

  • retail_feature_image

    Mobile retail trends

    Feb 2013: Mobile operators must create relevant, engaging and successful in-store experiences. This paper covers some of the challenges facing mobile operator retailing and explores the opportunities that can be leveraged.

  • WP8_feature_image

    Windows Phone success factors

    Nov 2012: Windows Phone 8 represents a key development for Microsoft, and one that the company hopes will emphasize the relevance of Windows in a post-PC era. However, with more than 85% of new smartphone shipments running either Android or iOS, how will Windows Phone look to compete?

  • cex_featured_image

    Customer experience advantage

    Oct 2012: Does customer experience really deliver financial benefit to those organizations that invest in it? In this paper, WDS, A Xerox Company explains how to create a customer experience that drives operator strategy so tightly that business performance and customer experience become inseparable.

  • churn_feature_image

    Understanding wireless churn

    Mar 2012: Churn has become a key measure used by industry analysts and financial commentators to determine mobile operator performance. Yet despite its prevalence as a reporting measure it’s not an immediately transparent figure to benchmark, analyze or predict. This paper provides an overview of how churn impacts mobile operator performance, how it is measured and why (and when) consumers leave a network.

  • android_feature_image

    Controlling the Android

    Oct 2010: Android has democratized the smartphone experience.Smartphone products and services have become accessible and inclusive for millions of consumers and allowed mobile operators to target new customer segments. But it’s also changed the balance of power. This report looks at the how mobile operators should best leverage their Android investments.