WDS Mobile Trends 2014


At the beginning of each year we put our reputation on the line to identify 10 key trends we expect to shape the mobile industry over the coming 12 months.

This is the fifth year we’ve run our annual trends and so far our predictions seem to have been on-target.

Sure, we don’t get everything right…but last year our view of Android’s broader role in the consumer electronics industry, the continued relevance of feature phones and a slow-down in patent litigation have all rung-true to a certain extent.

To kick off 2014 we’ve compiled a fresh set of predictions. Some will be familiar; others may take you by surprise. Of course we welcome your comments. Let us know if you agree or disagree with this year’s list.

In summary, this year we cover:

1.    Smartphone manufacturers flex their muscles

2.    iOS and Android hit the road

3.    Chinese smartphones come of age

4.    Sportswear manufacturers lead the charge in wearable tech

5.    Your call is important to us

6.    Respect my privacy 

7.    Mega-mergers

8.    Camera resolutions reignite the spec war

9.    Batteries finally get a boost 

10.  Social sentiment improves decision making 


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