Technology solutions to automate or assist customer service interactions


Case Studies

  • Some of the UK’s most satisfied mobile customers belong to a WDS client

    As well as operating as an MVNO in the UK, this WDS client is also one of the world’s largest retailers. As such, it was highly aware of the fact that a poor mobile experience on its network could damage loyalty and profitability across any area of its wider retail business. To mitigate this risk, … Continued

  • From pre-sales advice to returns management for a world-leading smartphone maker

    Offering pre-sales advice, post-sale technical support, and a returns management service to validate a defective device before it enters the repair process, WDS’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) resolved more than 30,000 support requests every month for a world leading smartphone manufacturer. First appointed in 2010 to manage just three of its smartphone products, WDS delivered … Continued

Technology solutions to automate or assist customer service interactions across self-care, device, contact center and social channels.


Agent IQ

Automated problem diagnosis, fix discovery and data collection

Agent IQ uses advanced machine learning techniques and real-time data analysis to accurately diagnose a customer’s problem and present the most appropriate fix. Contact center performance is improved through more efficient customer interactions while the automated collection of call data dramatically improves call deflection strategies.


Agent Expert

Empowering agents to deliver compelling customer service experiences

The need to deliver a compelling customer service experience has never been greater. Organizations must therefore prioritize their customer service investments in ways that reduce cost without compromising customer satisfaction.


Help your customers to explore, set-up and fix their wireless products and services

Mobile Operator Self Care Express40% of customers visit the web for help before calling; however 82% can’t find an answer to their problem. WDS helps its clients to overcome this challenge with a suite of tools designed to help customers better manage their wireless products and services across web and on-device (app and mobile web) service channels.


Remotely control, manage and update customer devices.

devicetools_webThe ability to remotely manage and update a customer’s device has become an important asset for any wireless brand. As one of the industry’s pioneers in the development of over-the-air technologies, WDS today offers a suite of advanced device management tools for remote over-the-air OTA configuration and management of mobile devices and services.


Social media platforms have become common vehicles for customers to talk about their brand experiences and share opinions. They’ve also become well regarded customer engagement and support channels, with many customers appreciating the convenience afforded by services such as Twitter and Facebook.

Nick Gyles, CTO, WDS discusses Social Media as a Xerox managed service.