Compliance & User Experience Testing


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Managed or outsourced services spanning customer care, testing, training and knowledge management.


testing_webA suite of services spanning Interoperability, Compliance and User Experience Testing for mobile devices and applications. Managing the end-to-end process from strategy, through delivery and reporting, WDS in-house test automation frameworks, agile test strategy and distributed lab facilities provide:

Interoperability Testing: Application, device and service interoperability testing against all principle devices platforms and network technologies.

Compliance Testing: A full range of regulatory, certification and compliance testing of wireless devices, services and applications in accordance with new market entry, global standards and network operator processes. WDS Compliance Testing covers pre-compliancy assessments and compliancy submissions including the following:

  • - National and International Certification: GCF (DG11) ,R&TTE, PTCRB, CTIA, PVG
  • - Standards schemes: 3GPP, LTE, OMA, WiMAX, IPv6, RFID, SIM/USIM, Bluetooth
  • - Mobile Operator compliancy, approval, PTC testing, field trails (DG11)
  • - Partner compliance

User Experience Testing: Pre-launch benchmarking and testing of wireless devices, services and applications to identify usability issues likely to impact adoption, utilization and cost-to-serve. Comprising out-of-box experience testing, localization, benchmarking and launch risk-assessment.

In addition to scripted testing, WDS assesses global support data to proactively identify features or functions that may present a usability barrier or potential support-driver. Based on these findings WDS can re-focus test cases to reflect device or service idiosyncrasies and address these issues as early as possible in the approvals cycle.  This ability to adapt, re-order or flex the test cases removes redundancy and speeds the approvals process and subsequent time-to-market.

network_webOne of Australia and New Zealand’s largest mobile operators uses WDS for Network Approval Testing, Benchmarking, Service Optimization, Application, SIM Card and Service Assurance Testing.

WDS has full accountability for the pre-launch approval process. All new devices, SIM profiles and services are validated and approved by WDS prior to being fully on-boarded to the network and each device and SIM card profile is tested for interoperability against both the core network and the operator’s value-added products and services.

Between January and October 2013, WDS completed 195 testing projects for its client. In this time, 25,000+ test cases were applied and more than 3,000 issues were identified.