Virtual Agent

Self-service care that learns from every customer interaction

Virtual Agent is a self-service tool for customer care that automates interactions between your business and your customers.

It is built on a machine learning platform that draws on leading work from Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE) and Palo Alto Research Center (PARC),A Xerox Company.

Our Virtual Agent detects how human agents diagnose customer problems and offer solutions and it learns from this experience. In doing this, it quickly develops the intelligence it needs to understand and solve queries itself, without having to be programmed.


A revolution in intelligent, accurate and convenient customer care

Machine learning


Continually analyzes your care data; learning how to solve customer queries in the same way a live care agent would.



Connected to your contact center to ensure a consistent customer experience.



More than just a keyword search; disambiguate customer symptoms to confidently present the right solution.


Machine learning technology enables the active prioritization of the top and climbing customer issues as they emerge, ensuring customer care relevance around the clock.


Seamless integration into client’s existing website, mobile application or live chat platform.


Rich analytics capture the context of every customer interaction to provide detailed insights into customer behavior, problems, and solution success.

Seamless fallback

It can integrate with leading chat platforms to seamlessly handover a customer’s conversation to a live chat channel, along with the complete context of the customer’s issue and their conversation with the Virtual Agent.

Designed for convenience

Built to get the most likely cause, and the most proven resolution, in as little time as possible.

Acting upon your existing intelligence

Listen and learns from contact center and digital care interactions to develop the intelligence it needs to understand and solve customer queries in the same way a live care agent would.

Adds that personal touch

Takes cues from your brand values to adjust tone and manner to deliver a Virtual Agent with a personality that your customers will recognize.

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Machine Learning: Unlock your most effective customer experience yet

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