Manage inbound customer support requests, with a suite of contact center tools.

Contact Center

A suite of tools to help Customer Service Representatives diagnose, engage and fix customer issues.

Agent IQ

Automated problem diagnosis, fix discovery and data collection

Agent IQ uses advanced machine learning techniques and real-time data analysis to accurately diagnose a customer’s problem and present the most appropriate fix. Contact center performance is improved through more efficient customer interactions while the automated collection of call data dramatically improves call deflection strategies.


Agent Expert

Empowering agents to deliver compelling customer service experiences

The need to deliver a compelling customer service experience has never been greater. Organizations must therefore prioritize their customer service investments in ways that reduce cost without compromising customer satisfaction.


Things change too quickly for customer service knowledge to remain static

Kaas_webKnowledge as a Service (KaaS) offers a process for the production and ongoing management of support content for use across all customer service touchpoints. KaaS combines our core knowledge processes and systems to deliver relevant, evergreen knowledge to WDS customer service tools or existing, third-party support interfaces.

An analytical approach to knowledge management ensures content is continually generated and refined to reflect the immediate requirements of our clients and new device or software launches.

By understanding how customers are interacting at support touchpoints, how their support requirements are being managed and where expectations are not being met, we use analytics and transactional insights to drive knowledge creation and mitigate the risk of a knowledge deficiency damaging customer profitability.

Key Benefits

  • Knowledge delivery mapped to support requirements and cost-to-serve metrics
  • Availability of device support assets from day of launch
  • Improved First Call Resolution and Customer Satisfaction
  • Knowledge consistency and common taxonomy across channels
  • Empowers Customer Service Representatives with validated knowledge assets

Social Media: Empath

Driving actionable intelligence and customer engagement from your social media traffic.

Social media platforms have become common vehicles for customers to talk about their brand experiences and share opinions. They’ve also become well regarded customer engagement and support channels, with many customers appreciating greater convenience.



Care Lab

The industry blueprint for innovation in the contact center

We’ve all had ideas that we believe will deliver greater value to customers or improve operational efficiency.
But putting these ideas into practice can be risky. Even gathering enough data for a business case can be tough. That’s why WDS, A Xerox Company has pioneered Care Lab.


US Mobile Operator

US Tier One Mobile Operator: This US mobile operator deployed WDS Agent Tools within its “Early Device Queue”, a dedicated team tasked with supporting newly launched smartphones.

Customer Service Representatives can better diagnose and repair smartphone faults; such as device configuration, service set-up and performance issues. They also benefit from a real-time feed of live device knowledge and support issues and are supported by an on-site team of WDS analysts tasked with continually analyzing support data and optimizing the knowledge content to improve on-device and web based self-service tools.

  • WDS Agent Tools help to contain more than 7m calls a year, preventing escalation and repeat callers.


UK MVNO: One of the UK’s largest MVNOs uses WDS Agent Tools within its technical support center, helping Customer Service Representatives (CSR) to effectively support customers looking to set-up their devices and troubleshoot common problems. Expert device knowledge surfaced through Agent Tools has helped to:

  • Reduce the number of device returns by 50%
  • Reduce escalations to 7%
  • Reduce No Trouble Found to 2%
  • Reduce device returns to <1%

European OEM

Global Smartphone Manufacturer: This global smartphone manufacturer benefits from WDS Agent Tools to support its customers across Europe. Customer Service Representatives benefit from expert device knowledge to deliver technical support directly to customers  or in hand-overs from mobile operator partners.

  • WDS Agent Tools have reduced this manufacturer’s No Trouble Found rate to 2% across Europe.

Australian OEM

Global Smartphone Manufacturer: WDS Agent Tools are used to support this smartphone manufacturer’s customers across Australia and offer pre-sales assistance. With access to set-up guides, device attributes, diagnostic and resolution intelligence, Agent Tools provides a dynamic environment, distilling down to the correct resolution based on the data captured by the CSR through the diagnosis process.

WDS Agent Tools are also used within this manufacturer’s Returns Management Authorization (RMA) team with the CSR diagnosing the customer’s problem to identify if the matter can be resolved through one of the many remote tools available to them, or whether the fault is a genuine hardware or software issue that requires attention from an approved service center.

  • 30,000 calls per month taken with First Call Resolution at >85%.

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