Whether its a device attaching to the network and presenting its IMEI or accessing content through its browser, the WDS Device Intelligence service has the Industry's highest identification rate to accurately resolve the make and model.


With up to 600 attributes of a device profiled, WDS Device Intelligence provides capabilities data from a single devices through to the entire subscriber base.

Understand the addressable market for new services or applications, what types of device are connecting to the network and which platforms dominate in your market.


With OMA 'User Agent Profile' compliant RDF data, WDS Device Intelligence can directly power content rending platforms and MMSCs, allowing realtime personalization of content and services.


Know your customer

Wireless network operators around the world are using WDS Device Intelligence to identify the devices on the network.

Product Teams leverage this data to target offerings, while investors and analysts receive a rich understanding of the value of the subscriber base.

From reporting on the average device age to showing how IOT devices are being deployed, WDS Device Intelligence creates a rich picture of the trends on the network.

The Device Intelligence edge

For governments the ability to identify a device and understand the platforms on which it is built provides a new advantage in law enforcement and security.



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