Device Indentification

Automatic device detection for new device/SIM pairings and the industry's leading device identification service ensures all new devices are configured for data services as soon as they arrive on the network.

Over-The-Air Provisioning

Configuration of all services securely over the air tailored specifically to the make and model of device.

Our global SMS network ensures the device is accurately provisioned wherever in the world its activated.

Firmware Management

Full firmware lifecycle management, from testing services to OTA update, WDS works on behalf of wireless network operators globally to ensure the right firmware on the right device at the right time.


Managed Service

As a fully managed service, WDS Advanced Device Management ensures timely support for the device models important to you.

Through shared roadmaps and continuous publishing of device libraries, each client can choose how and when to support the latest devices.

No-nonsense email configuration

Seamlessly configure email from just an email address.

The WDS Email settings service resolved the server settings for all major email providers globally, and can auto-resolve settings for personal email domains too.

Trusted by some of the largest device vendors globally, WDS ensures customers are up and running with their email out of the box.


For more information

Please contact WDS for more information around Advanced Device Management services.