INNOVATION in Customer Care

Unlock your data and transform the care experience

Whether your goal is to deflect more calls to your self-care and social channels, increase the efficiency of your support operations or to explore ways of automating customer interactions, we’ll help you to meet the need for a more effective support experience.

Transforming customer service experience for MTN South Africa

Agent Expert has contributed to the radical improvement of customer contact resolution times.

Eddie Moyce, Chief Customer Experience Officer, MTN

Download the MTN case study, or for more information on Agent Tools and how it can help improve the customer experience.

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Teaching machines to hold a conversation

Before digital self-care tools can interact with your customers, they need to understand what’s being said. By the age of six, most children can understand not only spoken language, but also its subtle complexities like ambiguity, novel words, and non-literal expressions. Whilst children are able to understand the nuances of spoken language, technology’s ability to detect the same linguistic intricacies, is largely still in its infancy.


  • Webinar: Customer Care 2.0

    Did you know that almost 30% of customers using online self-care tools are unable to get the support they need?

Machine learning means that, today, WDS #virtualagent can learn on the job, from experience #ai
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