Customer Service Transformation

Multi-channel knowledge management, care automation and analytics to help wireless brands deliver a more effective customer service experience.

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Slide backgroundEvery year we deflect over 6 million support calls for one US operator.
Slide backgroundWe increase customer loyalty. A highly satisfied customer is twice as likely to be retained.
Slide backgroundWe’ve reduced No Trouble Found returns for one smartphone manufacturer to under 2%.

Every hour...

We deliver the right information, to the right customer and at the right time, with over 3 million transactions currently per day.



Transactions captured

Device Simulation


Device simulator hits

Service Settings


Service settings sent to end-user devices


Global network

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The customer service challenge

At WDS we help our clients to build more effective customer service strategies; empowering Customer Service Representatives with the knowledge and tools they need.

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Mobile Loyalty Audit 2014

Our 2013

Mobile Loyalty Audit

surprised you!

Industry Value

Real-Time Cost Avoidance

Identifying and managing customer service deficiencies at their source before they expose wider costs to the business.

Operational Efficiency

Delivering greater cost efficiency across retail and service channels without damaging customer satisfaction.

Sales Performance

Improving product and service matching to mitigate service cancellations, product returns and post-sale support costs.

Brand Engagement

Customer segmentation modeling, CSAT and NPS improvements to assure customer retention.

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