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Whether your goal is to deflect more calls to your self-care and social channels, increase the efficiency of your support operations or to explore ways of automating customer interactions, we’ll help you to meet the need for a more effective support experience.

Contact Center


Manage inbound customer support requests with a suite of contact center tools.



Self-care tools and solutions across your portfolio of customer care channels.

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Prevent unnecessary device returns with a specially designed suite of retail tools.

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Contact Center


WDS Virtual Agent is a new breed of self-care tool, one that continually learns about your customers to ensure that every interaction is better than the last.

Personalization: cool or not cool?

The debate over personalization versus privacy rumbles on, with occasional high profile cases reigniting the flames of mistrust. Working in a research center that handles a lot of text and data, I find it fascinating.


RT @firstsusancohen: The NPS sweet spot, where customers are past the risk of churning in the telecoms industry is 26 @wdscompany https://…
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Meet Frank


Frank is one of your most valuable customers… and right this second, he’s not happy.